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Antonio Gómez Rufo was born in Madrid (Spain).

In 1972 he became a student in the Universidad Complutense (Law), son he took part of an intellectual group leaded by professor Enrique Tierno Galván.



From those days was his first book: An essay titled “An approach to the concept of the cultural revolution”. This book was published many years later under the name: The scared man.

In 1979 he began his professional life as a technical advisor for the General Administration Cinema Cabin in the Minister of Culture and lawyer.

He then started to consolidate his literary career with journalist collaborations and his first two books published:

His professional life as an attorney didn’t take him apart of his literary creation.

In 1980 he became an advisor for the Filmoteca Española (Spanish Film Archives).


In 1983 was asked by City Major, Tierno Galván to become the director of Centro Cultural de la Villa and the City County’s Cultural School (now Teatro Fernan Gómez).

In this same year he published the Opera 5 (short stories) "The last summer for the Manelas", and the novel, "The Last Golliard", which became finalist in The Vertical Smile Award (organized by Tusquets Publishing House).

He kept collaborating as journalists for El Pais newspaper. To the death of professor Tierno Galván, he decided to end his work for Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

From 1987 to 1992, he collaborated with many newspapers (El Independiente, El Sol; and ORT Press as editorialist). During those years he published various books: "This is the way Madrid is", "Natalia", "The perennial Carnival", "The Naughty Bears Club", "Quite waters, deep waters" (all these, novels) "Madrid´s underworld" (essay) and the children’s short story, "The clouds Hunter".

Until 1994 he worked in his novel "La leyenda del falso traidor (Brutu's memories)" and colaborated in several mass media. During the last seven years he has given conferences, round tables, colloquys and participated in semminars dedicated to literature. From those years were his collaborations in the magazines Leer, Guía del Ocio and the South Magazine published in Mälmoe, Sweden. The Last Golliard was translated to German, and the Publishing House Autrement (Paris) published the essay "La nuit , a fleur de peau", about Madrid.

From 1995 till these days, he works exclusively as a writer. From that moment, he has published the novels: "Balada triste en Madrid", "The tears of Henan", "If you only knew", "Victory´s parade". An essay about Madrid: "Scenes from Madrid", the novel "Fishes´soul" in several europen countries, and the novels "The seas of fears", "Farewell to men" and "The night of the tamarindo" (Planeta Publishing House).

Some of his novels have been translated in to other languages and published in many countries such as: Germany, France, Greece, Holland, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Rumania, Bulgary and Argentina.

Antonio Gómez Rufo is the Vice-president for the ACE (Spanish Writers College) and president of the Madrid Literary Circle. Member of the International Association of Black Novel Writers.

Winner of the Fernando Lara Award in 2005 for his novel “The secret of the captive king” and the Ducal Loeches Award for the novel "El señor de Cheshire".



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